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System Protect

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  • Windows XP
Latest version: 21/04/08
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  • Windows XP
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Protect your files from accidental or malicious deletion

Nick Mead

  • Prevents accidental deletion of your files
  • Issues deletion warnings
  • Does not replace an anti virus suite

Is your computer really secure even with the latest antivirus & antispyware programs? Do you really know whether your anti-virus is doing an adequate job?

System Protect guards your precious personal and system files, and does not allow anyone to modify or delete them. Protect Your System and Important Files - get free protection for your operating system and files you don't want to lose.

"Great additional protection"

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This software is an excellent and a needed addition to all users whether home or business users. This software when installed immediately protects important system files (aka the ones that run your computer found in the deepest bowels of the operating system) from deletion, moving, and changes. This is good as it prevents viruses from doing so much as moving system files. There will be a pop up to inform you that it has a protected system file from modification. THis, however, can be changed to have no popup andyou have the option to let the system files change. Thiscould only be a problem when your operating system is updating. It would be a good idea to turn System Protect off while updating your OS. In this case mine is Vista Home Premium and I have had no problems. You even have th option to protect your own files, such as a single file or folder. THe nice thing is that I can still view the files, but no modifications, not even copying, can be done to the files. Remember that the files can still be read so having important info under system protect may not be a good idea. It would be good to password protect the file then have system protect prevent that file from being deleted. System protect also has the option of having a password to prevent the protection mode from being disabled. ALso, I'd like to mention that system protect protects by means of a list of system files. It will only protect those files, unless others are added by the user. So far it states that 27000 something files are protected and more are added by update. THis is great software that may be a great addition to your security setup.

  • -Automatically protects important system files
  • -Options to protect your own files
  • -Passsword Protected(to prevent disabling or system protect)
  • -prevents so much as copying of the protected file
  • -uses almost no system resources
  • -The files can still be read (good for the protected system files but bad for your own protected files)
  • -Has not updated since I installed it several months ago

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23 Jun 2008
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