System Protect

System Protect

Protect your files from accidental or malicious deletion


  • Prevents accidental deletion of your files
  • Issues deletion warnings


  • Does not replace an anti virus suite

Very good

We've all been in that horrible scenario where an essential file has seemingly disappeared into thin air - either via accidental deletion or malware which has invaded your system.

First thing's first - this is no substitute for an anti-virus checker but it does offer you extra protection against the worst case scenarios in file deletion. It's mainly aimed at those that want to protect their files from kids or another unauthorised users that may purposely or accidentally delete files. Of course, if you are using Windows, I suggest the best way to do this is is to create an entirely new user profile for each person but if this is not possible, then this is an excellent alternative.

System Protect allows you to pick those files and folders that you want to protect such as important documents, your favorite music, vacation photos, movies etc. It's best used as an extension to your currently existing security suite. to keep your system stable and get automatic deletion alerts - a virus checker may inform you of a virus attack but it won't tell you whether the target is going to be deleted - System Protect will.

If you don't have much faith in your antivirus software or are worried about other users on your PC, then this is an excellent solution.

Is your computer really secure even with the latest antivirus & antispyware programs? Do you really know whether your anti-virus is doing an adequate job?

System Protect guards your precious personal and system files, and does not allow anyone to modify or delete them. Protect Your System and Important Files - get free protection for your operating system and files you don't want to lose.

System Protect


System Protect

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